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Discover Your Opportunity to Get Even MORE… To Help You Take Back Control Of Your Symptoms and Live Better, Healthier, and Happier (Through Menopause and Beyond)...
You’re already registered to get a ton of FREE information during this event. 40+ experts, all sharing their best information from their specialties.

But are you worried you’ll miss something? Do you have an insane schedule and you’re not sure you’ll be able to attend the entire event like you want?
We hear you! And that’s why we have put together TWO packages that will give you the level of support you want and the information you need… at the investment level that feels good and right for you.

With our TWO VIP options, you’ll get LIFETIME access to all the recordings - PLUS some pretty juicy bonuses - when you upgrade to VIP access.
The Menopause Marvel VIP Pass is for you if you simply want to make sure you have the information you need when you need it.
The Menopause Marvel VIP Pass
You know that you might miss some sessions, or some of the information our experts share isn’t right for you… right now. But you want it on hand for later in your own menopause journey when you know you’re going to need it most.

This is a smart move! And when you upgrade to Menopause Marvel VIP during the event, you’ll also get our special bonus:

The Functional Genetics Special Report - Detailing what you need to know about the genes in your body so you and your doctor can have an informed, transparent and helpful discussion about the right tests for you.

Because here’s the thing: we’re all different. And menopause will affect each of us differently… based on our genetic history, the makeup of our cells, and the very bodies we live our lives in. Doesn’t it make sense to know what you’re looking for so you can treat your symptoms in the most efficient way possible?

This report is worth $197.00 - but frankly, it’s priceless when you consider how empowered you’ll be when you advocate for yourself at your next appointment with your physician. And it’s yours completely FREE when you upgrade to Menopause Marvel VIP now and during the event.
Regular Price $294.00 - Only $47
The Menopause Master VIP+ Pass is for you if you want to take your wellbeing into your hands and get truly proactive about making your life better.
The Menopause Master VIP+ Pass
With the Menopause Master VIP+ Pass, you’ll not only get access to all the sessions AND the $197 Functional Genetics Special Report… we’re also giving you an entire suite of resources that you can use NOW and throughout your menopause journey to manage your symptoms like a pro… and come out on the other side of menopause feeling better than you ever have before!

You’ll get:
  •  The Menopause Must-List by Ann Marie McQueen ($37.00 Value) - a comprehensive breakdown of everything from supplements to TV shows, books to devices, products to experts - and everything in between - to help you right now during perimenopause, menopause, and after. Ann Marie is the QUEEN of research - which means she’s done all the work to find these resources so you don’t have to.
  •  20-Minute Menopause Mastery 1-on-1 Call with Andrea Donsky ($165.00 Value) - so you can ask your questions, get some clarity, and generally understand the world of nutrition, lifestyle and supplements during menopause better than you have before. This call is a GREAT addition to the work you’re already doing on your own and/or with your doctor. While it’s not designed to diagnose or treat… when you want a listening ear or help to manage your symptoms, Andrea knows exactly how to get you there.
  • 20-Minute “Get Your Resources” Call with Ann Marie McQueen ($77.00 Value) - because sometimes you’ve got questions and you’re not sure where to find the answers. Let Ann Marie use all her expertise with research and her experience reporting on menopause point you in the right direction… and help you be empowered to find answers on your own, too.
  • The Menopause Tests List PDF'S ($67.00 Value) - a complete list of tests recommended by an OBGYN and a leading health expert and clinician, to take with you to the doctor so you can find out what you need to be or stay healthy. This resource is designed to empower you to advocate for yourself through menopause - so you never wonder “what if” you could do things differently if only you had more information…
  • Gifts from our experts! This incredible gift package is worth over $1,593.00 and includes courses, books, one-on-one calls and more… and it’s only available here at the Menopause Shift Online Summit.
  • ​The Sleep Interview with Andrea & Ann Marie ($37.00 Value) - because sleep is one of the most important things in our lives… and in menopause, it ends up all over the place! In this audio, Andrea & Ann Marie will share what they know about getting better sleep NOW so your body is better equipped to manage your symptoms while you’re awake.
Remember, your free registration for the Menopause Shift Online Summit is CONFIRMED, and you’re registered for all 40+ sessions with experts on:
● Brain health
● Hormones
● Sex
● Nutrition
● Skin
● Estrogen
● And more…

But if you’re ready to take back control of your life…

If you’re ready to figure out not only how to live through your symptoms but manage them with ease…

If you know that you’re ready to shift the way you think about menopause from “the dreaded change” into the doorway to the next phase of your life…

Then consider whether upgrading to one of our TWO VIP Packages is right for you.

After all - you get this life, and this body.

Isn’t it time you felt great in it - no matter what comes your way?

Frequently Asked Questions
About Menopause Shift VIP Upgrades

Wait, I thought this was a free event. What’s with the upgrade?

This IS a totally free event, yes! And you will have access to all the sessions on the day they’re released withOUT paying a single cent. You are registered to the free event and will get access to the sessions via email.

BUT if you think you might miss something or want to have a bit more support as you go through menopause… the VIP pass was designed to give you what you need.

Who should upgrade to VIP?

There are three reasons you should upgrade to VIP:

  • You know you won’t be able to watch the sessions on the day they’re released and don’t want to miss anything.
  • You know you’ll want to rewatch sessions over and over again, or have them on hand if you need them later.
  • You want access to all the goodies being offered as VIP bonuses!

If any of those three things apply to you, you should upgrade! If not, you’ll be well-served by the free event.

What’s in the expert gift pack you mentioned as part of Menopause Mastery VIP+?

  • Dr. Cate’s Seed Oil Real Food Survival Guide - a 26-page ebook that’s your definitive guide to eliminating toxic seed oils from your diet and finding the healthiest foods in the grocery store.
  • ONE FREE MONTH of Dr. LaKeischa McMillan’s Balanced Beauty Box - the ONLY physician created box designed specifically for women in perimenopause and menopause to help you experience “the change” with confidence and grace.
  • FREE 30-Minute Consultation with Dr. Morgan Nolte to get questions answered about weight loss or insulin resistance during menopause.
  • ​50% Off Hormone Guru Foundational Course by Dr. Tara Scott - This on demand hormone course allows you to work at your own pace to gain understanding into your own hormone physiology.
  • ​Discount on Naturopathic Consultation from Jennifer Harrington - to help you understand and assess your entire self and NOT just your hormones so you can discover any individual underlying causes of your symptoms.
  • ​Julie Daniluk’s Daily Routine - to give you the 4 pillars of longevity and an easy-to-use morning routine that taps into what will help you live a long life WITH vitality.
  • ​20 Mantras to Live Your Best Life from Myra Giberovitch - and when combined with Julie Daniluk’s Daily Routine, you’ll have your best day ever EVERY day!
  • ​FREE Peri-Power Health Coaching from Clarissa Kristjansson - 3 sessions to help you re-balance yourself - Mind, Body & Soul. These sessions and the action steps included will help you feel empowered as you move through the perimenopausal transition so you can weather the hormonal storm with greater clarity, compassion, and calm.
  • ​6-Month Access to Buff Muff App from Kim Vopni - You will get a variety of different workouts to choose from, delicious meal plans to help your whole body health, guest expert interviews, and of course, the famous 28 Day Buff Muff Challenge. On top of that, you will be part of a community where you can ask questions and seek support from your very own vagina coach! All on your phone so you can access the info and exercise anytime, anywhere.
  • ​And more! We’re adding more as we lead into the summit…

If I upgrade, when do I get the bonuses?!

All the bonuses will be made available during and after the event itself. So some things may be available sooner than others, but you will have everything by the week after the Menopause Shift Online summit ends.

You’ll receive a separate email or emails to let you know when your materials are available.

Are you ready to STOP suffering through menopause and START living your best life… no matter what your next act brings?

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